Park’s rules

  • The entrance ticket is non refundable at any time;
  • In case of technical problems, severe weather conditions or lack of power supply, the attractions can be closed without any refund of the ticket;
  • The Management has the right to close the Park at any time for the safety of the guests, without any refund of the ticket;
  • During the days with low attendance some attractions may not be available;
  • The Management disclaims all responsibility for incidents or damages caused by negligence or disrespect of the Park Rules. Moreover, the Park cannot be held responsible for anything which has been deposited in the lockers or left inside the park;
  • In order to guarantee the safety to our guests, some of the rides are subject to restrictions. For your own safety follow the security guidelines posted at each ride;
  • Children under 12 must be always supervised by an adult;
  • The Park staff has the right to ask you to show the ticket. You may be asked to leave the park if you are not able to demonstrate the purchase of the ticket;
  • The sunbeds are available upon payment; the Management has the right to check the payment of the rental. Please use properly the facilities at your disposal;
  • The Park is accessible everywhere for disabled people (except slides);
  • The Park is under video surveillance and video recorder, in order to guarantee the safety of guests and to prevent any damages to persons and facilities, in according to the provisions of the law 196/2003 art. 13;
  • By purchasing the ticket you accept the possibility to be photographed by Le Vele staff and from our devices installed on the rides.


Safety rules

Our swimming pools and slides have been designed and conceived to guarantee maximum security to all users if used properly.

It is mandatory to:

  • Follow carefully the guidelines at the rides entrances;
  • On the slides, do not use jewellery, glasses or watches;
  • Follow carefully the instructions of the lifeguards;
  • Live the arrival pool of the slides immediately. Those who do not follow this rule can be asked to leave the Park or in serious circumstances can be reported to the police authority
  • In case of accident, please notify immediately the staff in the emergency room. False statements, will be legally punished;
  • Use the showers before entering the swimming-pools;
  • Use synthetic shoes on the paths;
  • Use decent and appropriate swimsuit, in order to not hurt other guests feelings and to resist to the products used for the water treatment. The entrance will not be allowed to those who wear unsuitable swimsuits;
  • Use swim diapers for children under 3.


It is forbidden:

  • The use of the slides for people with cardiac problems, pregnant women, and generally who is not in good health conditions;
  • To run around the edge of the pools, play dangerously, dive, slide head down, standing up or on the knees, enter with pets or glass containers;
  • Climb on the walls, on the rocks and on the water toys.
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